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It's a challenge staying up-to-date given the incredibly rapid changes in the BA Profession. With your busy schedule, finding quality information that is relevant to your needs isn't easy. BATimes webinars offer  relevant content, for free, and available on demand (or live) at your convenience. Pre-Approved PDUs & CDUs for Re-Certification. 
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Webinar TitleSpeakerFormat
#1 Reason Why Project Managers and Business Analysts Fail: BEING TOO SOFT! Neal Whitten OnDemand
3 Keys to Get Project Stakeholders Off the Sidelines and Into the Game Tony Toglia, Shawn Dickerson OnDemand
3 Ways to Increase Your Project Team's Productivity: Aligning People and Process Deanne Earle OnDemand
5 Critical Components of Project Success Curt Finch OnDemand
5 Project Management Best Practices You Can’t Live Without Douglas Williams, M.S., PMP, Kari Woolf OnDemand
5 Secrets to Virtually Cut Your Meeting Time in Half! Dana Brownlee OnDemand
5 Steps to Better Requirements Peer Reviews Karl Wiegers OnDemand
6 Steps to Prioritizing Your Business Requirements Ross Little OnDemand
7 Secrets to Defining Requirements for Package Software Selection: Preparing an RFP for Application Rob Stewart OnDemand
7 Steps to Writing a Business Use Case Brad MacNamara OnDemand
8 Ways to Stand Up, Get Counted and Make a Difference David Barrett OnDemand
10 Components to Designing an Effective Business Model Patrick van Abbema OnDemand
10 Hidden Reasons Why Projects Fail – How to Spot them and How to Solve Them! Tony Higgins OnDemand
10 Steps to Becoming Agile Greg Smith OnDemand
25 Project Management Success Tips Karl Wiegers OnDemand
A Business Process Approach to Project Recovery Evans Travis OnDemand
A UML Primer for Business Analysts Clément Côté OnDemand
A Window Seat: Cultural Intelligence meets Project Management Monica Semeniuk OnDemand
Achieving Results: Organizational Change to a Project Oriented Culture Michelle Stronach, BMath, PMP OnDemand
Agile Requirement Gathering & Documentation - Beyond User Stories Greg Smith, Donna Reed OnDemand
Allow Agile and Waterfall to Work Together - 5 Steps to Mix Methodologies N/A OnDemand
Analysis in Agile: There’s More to it than User Stories Kent McDonald OnDemand
Are We Supposed To Negotiate On Projects? Jamal Moustafaev OnDemand
Are You Too Soft? Neal Whitten OnDemand
Ask the Right Questions Kupe Kupersmith OnDemand
BPMN Simplified: For Business Analysts and Process Modelers Neal McWhorter OnDemand
Balancing Act: Measuring Project Performance Using the Balanced Scorecard Framework Paul Estabrooks OnDemand
Better Business Design through Precision Guided Enterprise Architecture Bashar Qader OnDemand
Blog Hour with Kupe Kupe Kupersmith OnDemand
Boost Your ROI with Better Business Analysis John Parker OnDemand
Breaking Down New Projects Keith Ellis OnDemand
Bridging the Gap Between Project and Product Management Greg Garacie, Lee Lambert, Steven Starke, PMP OnDemand
Building High Performing Agile Teams Robert McGeachy, PMP, PEng OnDemand
Bullet Proof Business Cases Richard Larson OnDemand
Business Analysis Competency: Tools & Strategies for Adoption Angela Wick, Bob Prentiss OnDemand
Business Analysis Through Improvisation Kupe Kupersmith OnDemand
Business Analyst: Who Needs Them? Patrick van Abbema, PMP, CBAP, CSM, CSP OnDemand
Business Architecture is for everyone!: A PMO’s and Business Analyst’s guide to leveraging Business David Heidt OnDemand
Business Model Canvas - A Requirements & Needs Analysis Technique Angela Wick OnDemand
Caught in a COTS Project? Strategies for Requirements Success Michael Roy OnDemand
Change, Resistance and Resisters Bradley Mitchell OnDemand
Change Management: What are the skills PM's Need to Bring to the Table? Amy Burnet OnDemand
Change Management Strategies for PMO Professionals Janet Burns OnDemand
Change Management is Critical to a BA's Success: Tuning Your Change Management Radar Brad Sewall, OnDemand
Changes to the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition, and What You Should Know Alexander Stanisic OnDemand
Collect Requirements: Action Steps that Get Results (PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition Content) Keith Ellis OnDemand
Conducting a Requirements Meeting Over the Internet Louis Molnar OnDemand
Conversation as the Core Business Process for Project Managers Mark Hollingworth OnDemand
Create Your Change Management Plan: The Minimum You Need for Maximum Results Kimberlee Williams CEO OnDemand
Crisis and Opportunity: The Case for BA Management Barbara Davis OnDemand
Critical Strategies to Improving your Requirements Management Maturity David Wright OnDemand
Dealing with the TOP 10 Issues During and After an Iteration Greg Smith, Donna Reed OnDemand
Dealing with the TOP 10 Issues in Agile Adoption Greg Smith, Donna Reed OnDemand
Defining Requirements for Business Intelligence Projects Ross Little OnDemand
Demystifying Traceability: Everything you always wanted to know about traceability but were afraid t Ashu Potnis, Sue Thompson OnDemand
Do You Know What Your Team is Doing? 3 Ways to Stay in the Loop Chris O’Neal, Rollin Allen, Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina OnDemand
Does Risk Management have a Place in an Agile Lifecycle? Greg Smith OnDemand
Down the Agile rabbit hole? Everything I learned about deploying Agile in a large enterprise. Jean-Francois Gingras OnDemand
E-mail Turned My Project Red Rich Brodowski OnDemand
End-to-End Agile Planning - Oxymoron or Powerful Release Planning Method Robert 'Bob' Galen OnDemand
End to End Agile Planning - Oxymoron or Powerful Release Planning Method Robert Galen OnDemand
Enterprise Business Analysis - Why the CEO Wants to See You Jason Questor OnDemand
Essential Skills for the Successful Business Analyst Patrick van Abbema, PMP, CBAP, CSM, CSP OnDemand
Essential Techniques for Facilitating Requirements Meetings Louis Molnar OnDemand
GET AGILE - What you Need to know about Agile Requirements for Enterprise Projects John E. Parker OnDemand
Getting the Most from Agile for Project Sponsors, Product Owners, and Business Analysts Kevin Aguanno OnDemand
Handling Problem People? No Problem! Roxanne Miller OnDemand
Have You Had Your Senior BA Moment? Jonathan "Kupe" Kupersmith OnDemand
How IT Megatrends Like Cloud Computing, Big Data and Mobility can Help Your Career Eric Bloom, President & Founder, Manager Mechanics OnDemand
How to Get Sign-Off On Just About Any Deliverable Roxanne E. Miller OnDemand
How to Successfully Implement an Agile Project Patrick van Abbema OnDemand
How to Train Your Project Sponsor Yogi Schultz OnDemand
How to Write Effective Use Cases: A Step-by-Step Approach Ashu Potnis, Sue Thompson OnDemand
Hurdling Agile Adoption Barriers: Experience from Four Agile/Scrum Implementations Geoff Hewson OnDemand
ISO 9001 Certify your PMO! Jackie Charko, MBA, PMP, Prince2, Mark Salt, PMP OnDemand
IT Methodology (Context & Overview) Part 1 of 4 - Your Best Friend was Once a Stranger Cameron Watson OnDemand
IT Methodology (Project Management) Part 2 of 4 - Without a Map Your Destination Can Be Anywhere Cameron Watson OnDemand
IT Methodology (Software Development) Part 3 of 4 - Did you Prefer Bells or Whistles? Cameron Watson OnDemand
IT Methodology (Software Testing) Part 4 of 4 - If the Shoe Doesn't Fit - Wear It Anyway Cameron Watson OnDemand
Improve Project Risk Management Practices Using the K.I.S.S. Method Vicky Haney OnDemand
Improve Your Project with Behavior-Based Requirements Jeffrey Davidson, Kevin Kriner OnDemand
Improving Stakeholder Relationships, a Recipe for Success Perry McLeod, CBAP, ITIL, PMP OnDemand
Incorporating Scalability into Project Management Processes Amy Burnet OnDemand
Increasing Resource Capacity without Increasing Staff Chris Vandersluis OnDemand
Innovate or Die: Does Professional Project Management Make Sense for Agile Innovation Teams? Richard Sheridan OnDemand
Innovation Management Case Paskwa Mutunga OnDemand
Integrating Ontario Accessibility Requirements Into Your I/T Organization - Lessons Learned from Sco Dan Shire OnDemand
Integrating Use Cases & User Interface Design Sue Thompson, CBAP OnDemand
Integrating Use Cases and Modeling into Requirements Elicitation Marcia Stinson OnDemand
Is an Agile PMO Possible? Bill Balcezak OnDemand
Leadership is Essential to Successful Projects, Stakeholder Mgmt Bill Bates OnDemand
Learn Six Sigma Techniques for Requirements Elicitation Christopher Gaffney OnDemand
Learn the 11 Habits for Highly Successful Business Process Management Programs Michael Ficco OnDemand
Lessons from the Trenches Paul Bergman OnDemand
Leveraging Enterprise Business Analysis for Strategy Alignment and Execution Mona Mitchell, OnDemand
Managing Requirements Risk and Executive Communication in Large Projects Keith Ellis, Brenda Kerton OnDemand
Managing Requirements and the Chaos Theory Michelina DiNunno, MBA OnDemand
Managing Up: BA Tips and Tools for Success Gail Levitt OnDemand
Mastering Difficult Conversations Cathy Byrnes OnDemand
Mastering the Business Analysis Mentor Relationship Angie Perris, Kupe Kupersmith OnDemand
Mind Mapping Cathy Byrnes OnDemand
Mitigating Project Failure Joel Fleiss OnDemand
Mitigating the Impacts of Uncertainty of Project Resource Availability Kiron D. Bondale OnDemand
Modern Requirements - Leveraging Agile for Success Mike Sibthorpe OnDemand
More Perfect By Design Angelo Baratta OnDemand
More Than a Quick Fix: Organizational Change That Sticks Lori Silverman, OnDemand
Murphy's Law for Business Analysts David De Witt OnDemand
No More Slackers - Building a Culture of Accountability Within Your Team Dana Brownlee OnDemand
Peer Review of Requirements Documents – The Bad Ass BA’s Secret Checklist Cecilie Hoffman OnDemand
Planning, Managing & Tracking Agile Iterations For BAs / PMs Greg Smith, Donna Reed OnDemand
Practical Facilitation Approaches for the Business Analyst & Project Manager David Heidt OnDemand
Practical Project Management Meets the Practical PMO Andrea Giantelli, Robert Maiale OnDemand
Practices of a Great Product Owner Robert 'Bob' Galen OnDemand
Process Modeling for Business Analysts & Project Managers Dean Larson OnDemand
Project Management Office or Strategic Program Office David Giles OnDemand
Project Management and Governance David van Geilswyk OnDemand
Project Management for Business Innovation Sam Gopal OnDemand
Project Manager / Business Analyst - A Partnership for Success Perry McLeod OnDemand
Putting the Learned Back in Lessons Learned Kiron Bondale OnDemand
Rapid Release Planning for Agile Teams Greg Smith, Donna Reed OnDemand
Requirements Elicitation and Presentation Techniques: Use the Right Technique for Your Situation Jonathan "Kupe" Kupersmith OnDemand
Requirements Planning for the Large, Complex Project Rob Stewart OnDemand
Requirements Reuse: Fantasy or Feasible? Karl Wiegers OnDemand
Saying I Do!-Why the Marriage Between Change Management and Project Management is Easier than you Th Jennifer Faraone OnDemand
Scrum Fundamentals – Analyst to ‘Agilist’ Louis Molnar OnDemand
Scrum Product Owner: Fit for the BA Louis Molnar OnDemand
Secrets of Project Leadership Success in the New Normal A Compilation of Case Study Examples Lisa Anderson OnDemand
Simplify BA & PM Communication using Mind Mapping Brandon Conrad OnDemand
Stakeholder Management - Bridging the Gap of Cross Functional Teams Marisa Oldnall OnDemand
Stakeholder Management Made Simple Drew Davison OnDemand
Strategic Methodology Selection Kevin Aguanno OnDemand
Strategies for Effective Requirements Prioritazation Martin Schedlbauer OnDemand
Success with Agile Requirements: Challenges & Opportunities for Scaling Agile Ellen Gottesdiener, Tony Higgins OnDemand
Tactics and Technologies for Stakeholder Engagement Keith Ellis OnDemand
The 3 Best Ways to Validate (and Improve!!) Your Requirements Barbara Carkenord OnDemand
The 5 Business Analysts Musts for a COTS Project Barbara Carkenord OnDemand
The 5 Critical Differences in Requirements for Package Software Angela Wick OnDemand
The Advanced Agile Business Analyst Greg Smith OnDemand
The Agile Business Analyst Louis Molnar OnDemand
The Art and Science of Connecting with People, Staying Connected and Managing those Connections to B David Barrett OnDemand
The BA & PM Working Relationship Laura Paton, Elizabeth Larson, Joy Beatty OnDemand
The BA/PM’s Guide to Managing the Difficult Sponsor Dana Brownlee OnDemand
The BA Life Beyond Charts, Diagrams, Documents Jonathan "Kupe" Kupersmith OnDemand
The Bad Ass BA Presents - Exploring Personal Qualities of the Successful BA Cecilie Hoffman OnDemand
The Evolution of Scope Management: Fresh Techniques in Stakeholder Management Tim Joshi OnDemand
The Evolution of the Project Manager Role Harold Schroeder OnDemand
The Future of Business Analysis: It's Not What It Used To Be Kathleen Barret OnDemand
The Influencing Formula Elizabeth Larson OnDemand
The Myths and Facts About Faster Software Delivery Using Agile Kevin Aguanno OnDemand
The Power of Data Analytics - Why should PMs and BAs Care About Privacy Management Controls? Fariba Anderson OnDemand
The Role of The Agile Project Manager Declan Whelan OnDemand
The Role of the BA in a PMO Len Marchese OnDemand
The Secrets to Building a High Performing Project Team Dana Brownlee OnDemand
The Steve Jobs Way – A case study on Innovation & Leadership Eric P. Bloom OnDemand
Time Management for Those Who Don't Have Any Peter de Jager OnDemand
Top Ten Attitudes to Abolish when Adopting Agile Gil Broza OnDemand
Top Ten Things You (Probably) Did Not Know About Estimation Jamal Moustafaev OnDemand
Understanding Stakeholders Perry McLeod OnDemand
Understanding the Pitfalls of Project Initiation Rob Smith, Reg Scotland OnDemand
Unleashing the Power of Behavior Driven Development Jeffrey Davidson OnDemand
Use Case Scenarios and Traceability Tom Karasmanis, OnDemand
Using PMCDF to Become a Better Project Manager George Jucan OnDemand
Virtual Requirements Meetings - Kick 'em up a notch! Angela Wick OnDemand
What's the Risk in the Steering Committee? N. Christine Aykac OnDemand
What?! You Don’t Want to Be a PM? Jonathan "Kupe" Kupersmith OnDemand
What Business Analysts Really Do on Agile Projects Kent J. McDonald OnDemand
What Business Analysts and Project Managers Need to Know about Data Modeling Ross Little OnDemand
What Stakeholder Meetings and Children's Soccer Have in Common Michelina DiNunno OnDemand
What every Business Analyst needs to know about modelling Gerry de Koning OnDemand
When the Box Keeps Growing, How Do We Continue to Think Outside It? Pamela Hollington OnDemand
Why Does QA Ask So Many Questions and What Do They Want to Know? Neil Price-Jones OnDemand
Why PM is Broken (and 3 Ways to Fix It) Shawn Dickerson, Michael Kaplan, PMP, Johanna Rothman OnDemand
Why Should a Business Analyst Care About Core Business Processes? Paul Mulvey, Angie Perris OnDemand
Why and How Should You Manage Scope and Customer Expectations? Jamal Moustafaev OnDemand
Why do Business Analysts need so much Time to Build Requirements? Perry McLeod OnDemand
Your First Requirements Elicitation Interview Campbell Ferenbach, CBAP OnDemand
Effective Communication Tools for Every Project David Barrett OnDemand
The Power of BPM in your Business Applications Barry Valentine OnDemand
Outside-In vs.Inside-Out Requirements - Which view are you taking? Angela Wick OnDemand
Gap Analysis Technique for the Journey to Future State Rick Strempler, Mike Einarson OnDemand
Virtual Teams: Fact vs. Fiction Claire Sookman OnDemand
Agile BA Panel with Angela Wick and Ryland Leyton Angela Wick, Ryland Leyton OnDemand
Comparing Agile & Traditional Business Analysis Approaches Angela Wick OnDemand
Decision Making: Addressing the Question of Value Kupe Kupersmith OnDemand

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