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4 Tips that can help you in your new job as a Business Analyst

You have just been hired as a business analyst in a new organization. Many new processes and unknown business terminologies can make you feel confused and feel stressed. This is absolutely normal, and time is required to understand how the things are working.

Below are some tips in order to successfully adapt to your new role.

#1 Understand the approach towards BA

Try to learn the approach of the company toward business analysis field and the attitudes of your team towards the tasks of a business analyst. Search and ask about standard processes your company is following when it comes to business analysis. It is vital to know what your organization is perceiving as good work and what is valuable. You need to take your time and dive deeper and not to be misled by the first impressions.

#2 Understand the Context

In the first period erase if possible, from your memory the way things were done in your previous job. As it is widely stated there is no one size fits all. Give some time to understand the context and how the context is affecting the way the things are done. Try to find the usefulness and the why behind the approaches that are used in your new environment. Most probably the context will give you some answers.


#3 Understand the Business Domain

Try to figure out the characteristics of the industry your company provides solutions for. Try to learn as much as possible for the specific industry, trends, rules ,processes and standards. You can ask for information more experienced colleagues or search in previous artifacts that may exist in company’s knowledge hub. You may also request from your manager a short training in basic industry related topics. When you like your job and you are passionate about it learning is not actually so hard.

#4 Understand the Τools and Techniques

Try to figure out which are the techniques more commonly are used in your new job. Then try to gain knowledge and practice on mastering those techniques. For example, you can understand that a business process diagram is commonly used. Spend some time to develop your mastery in creating this kind of diagram. You may attend a short e-course or check previous such diagrams prepared in the past from the team.

In a new beginning you need to figure out first the as-is situation. That needs time and willingness to learn. Try to understand, make your own homework, and then ask question. Do not underestimate the need for comparing the information you receive with other sources of information. Moreover, remember not to propose a change if you have not understood first the context and the reason behind some approaches that are established in your new team.

Giorgos Sioutzos

Giorgos Sioutzos is an experienced business analyst currently working at Netcompany in the social security sector. He holds a BSc in Management Science and Technology from Athens University of Economics and Business and Msc in International Business & Management from ALBA Graduate Business School. Numerus articles about business analysis have been published in most reputable Greek and foreign media. He has created educational videos for IIBA Knowelge Hub. Also he has contributed as an SME for Global Business Analysis Survey creation from IIBA. Certifications: CBAP, PMI-PBA, ITIL, PRINCE2, CPRE Advanced