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5 Kinds of Software to Streamline Online Business Processes

Inefficient processes can cost your business 20% to 30% of revenue loss every year.Inefficient processes can cost your business 20% to 30% of revenue loss every year.

Disorganized business workflows hamper your workers’ productivity and collaboration and eat up time and expenses. This causes your company to perform poorly and fulfill targets more slowly.
Streamline your business processes by using the right, all-inclusive software tools for your organization. Check out five of them:

1. Call recording software

If your online business is like any other, you regularly do numerous calls to coordinate with your suppliers, follow up on leads, address customers’ inquiries and complaints, train employees, and more.

In those instances, documentation of conversations and shared information is crucial to resolve issues or perform the next steps in your business processes.
Instead of recording on pen and paper or other traditional means, do that most efficiently with call recording software programs. These tools allow you to automate or control when recording starts and ends, listen in on conversations in real time, set up metrics for evaluation, store and organize recorded calls, and more.

Choosing the best call recording software for your company depends on your business needs and activities, so identify them first before considering which tools or services to take. You can partner with call centers, acquire or install business phone systems, and download mobile apps.

Ringover, for instance, is one such tool you can use. It has call forwarding, computer greetings, automatic recording, call routing, dialer, screen poop, and other advanced features.

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With call recording software, monitoring and evaluating discussions over the phone become time and energy savers, so you can focus more on improving related and other business processes.

2. Project management tools

Project management software tools help you closely oversee your business project tasks, phases, and targets from beginning to closing. 

They have user-friendly functionalities and interfaces, so busy project managers can quickly go through updates, milestones, delegation, and corrective actions fast. 
They and team members can even interact with each other, upload files, comment, and do other collaborative activities on the platform.

Examples of project management tools to use include Scoro, which lets you create projects with deadlines and sub-tasks and boasts of these other top features:

Real-time dashboard for key performance indicators (KPIs)

Real-time dashboard for key performance indicators (KPIs)

Billing and time tracking

Contact management

Comprehensive progress and finances reporting

Quoting and invoicing with pre-made templates

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On the other hand, Wrike is among the new project management tools around and largely similar to well-known software programs Asana and Trello.

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Robust and versatile, Wrike provides communication and documentation management features for easier team collaboration and greater task and progress visibility. It also lets you prioritize assignments and align your team seamlessly toward goals and through timelines.

Wrike’s best features are:Wrike’s best features are:
Gantt charts as visual project timetables;

Synchronization of tasks and milestones with iCalendar and Google and Outlook calendars;

Up-to-date information for clients and team members, and others.

Choose from among the project management tools online to find the right one for your goals, approaches, and organizational structure. By doing so, you simplify your team collaboration and project fulfillment processes along the way.


3. Business process management software

A process automation tool, this kind of software program lets you and your business analysts outline your daily business processes, recognize and remove bottlenecks, curb expenses, and increase efficiency and your involved staff’s effectiveness.

The result: you open more room for growth, manage any change in business requirements more smoothly, extend to other industries with minimal cost, and others.
Business process management software (BPMS) tools also work well alongside workflow software programs such as Biztalk and Moss. They simplify any tasks associated with coding and building workflow technologies, routing architecture, and business rules engine — giving your staff more attention to their core competencies.

When looking for the right system for your online business, consider essential BPM software features such as visual workflows, scalability, single sign-on, drag-and-drop form builders, etc.

You can tap Ultimus for cost-efficient, low-code enterprise BPMS solutions and services, including training, certification, consultation, and support provision.

You can also use Appian, which offers suitable functions for every phase of the business process lifecycle. It has granular, real-time, and predictive analytics, pre-made connectors and easy-to-configure APIs for quicker integration, and several other practical features.

With the right BPMS for your company, you can optimize your daily processes, boost your productivity, and steadily scale your enterprise. 

4. Sales and marketing software tools

This type of tool is among the most practical business management software programs. It powerfully integrates sales, marketing, and related tasks and features, so you can enhance those processes in one platform.

Sales and marketing software programs often include functionalities for customer relationship management (CRM), customer support, automation and communication tools to capture and close leads, and more.These tools help you organize your sales and marketing teams and make them increasingly efficient and productive in meeting their targets.

One example is VipeCloud. An all-in-one program, it reduces the number of related apps used and your sales representatives’ manual tasks. VipeCloud offers email templates, custom workflows, and others to automate and standardize your proven business workflows.

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VipeCloud also has a built-in sales CRM that minimizes administrative data entries, provides contact scoring so you can discover the best prospects, review reports and effective measures, and streamline communications.

It also supports your email marketing activities with drip campaigns, social sharing, newsletters, and sign-up forms.

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Through comprehensive sales and marketing software tools like VipeCloud, you can closely track and document your business processes, solidify your team’s collaboration, and deliver better services to your customers.

5. HR software

If your Human Resources department feels overwhelmed with the plethora of tasks and software systems involved, you can resort to using all-in-one solutions to organize your HR processes.

Comprehensive HR software programs consider all related activities and support you with the right capabilities to fulfill them: from hiring to onboarding, time tracking, payroll integration, and more.

GoCo is one HR software tool you can use for your enterprise. It provides a paper-free onboarding experience, digitizes necessary documents, and conducts automated orientation sessions, among others.

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At a glance, GoCo lets your employees view, compare, and enroll in their desired benefits packages, helps you seamlessly manage these plans and associated costs, and harmonizes them with your payroll.

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It also synchronizes insurance compliance requirements with your insurance carriers, allows you to partner with certified HMO advisors, and instantly facilitates deductions and contributions.

What’s more, you can oversee your employees’ timesheets, paid time off, and holiday hours from the GoCo dashboard. Time tracking, clocking in and out, editing timesheets, and computing overtime become easier, more flexible digital processes.

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GoCo provides many other automated checklists for your HR workflows, such as termination, promotion, travel requests, etc. Plus, if you wish to retain your HR systems instead of GoCo’s embedded tools, you can smoothly integrate them.

HR software programs like GoCo help you supervise your employees more closely, support them with their tenure needs, and empower your HR department to fulfill their responsibilities more effectively.

Start streamlining your business workflows.Start streamlining your business workflows.

Accelerate your performance like never before with these and other robust software programs for your organization. They will help you optimize your daily operations, improve workforce cooperation, complete your deliverables, and eventually scale up your business more smoothly. The sooner you leverage them, the faster you can get to where you want to bring your organization.

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