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A New Series about Requirements Management and Much More

calendar-deadline-aug15.pngMore interesting and informative articles and blogs again, this month! A couple of new articles, one of which is the first in a new four-part series. Our bloggers are back and there are a couple of news items in our IIBA section we’re sure will get your attention. 

Introducing the new BA Times bookstore and library!

We are pleased to announce that the BA Times bookstore and library is now live! You can review and buy books, suggest new ones to add to the library, and write reviews and ratings!

  • I Don’t Have Time to Manage Requirements; My Project is Late Already! Elizabeth Larson and Richard Larson take a look at how imposed deadlines can really have a negative affect to requirements management and, ultimately, the project itself. 
  • Documents; The Neglected Side of Business Information Automation. Many companies are working to acquire or develop high tech business solutions. Mark Crandall believes that people, processes, paper and technology must work together to achieve success. 
  • The Need for Speed. Adam Kahn worries about the fact that so many of us are having to do more with less, but he offers some practical tips to make your time go further.
  • Will PMI Agree that BA Must Precede Projects? It’s a lot easier to make project estimates and plans if a BA has been there first. That’s the view that Marcos Ferrer shares with us in his blog.
  • The Value of CBAP Certification and IIBA Monthly Webinars Start August 26, 2008. Two important announcements from IIBA that are well-worth checking out, especially if you’re considering CBAP certification.