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Alignment, Requirements, CBAP and MORE!!

globe_Mar17_150x135.pngGreat line-up of articles and blogs for this issue! From proper language of alignment to CBAP Soup to Nuts and everything in between, including a Letter from the IIBA President in the IIBA Insight section. I know that you’ll really enjoy this issue’s content.

I want to personally thank not only YOU, our subscriber, but all of our content contributors. We truly appreciate your insight, thoughts and overall contribution. Now – I’ve got one request to YOU – let’s here your feedback.

We have had a few suggestions to our new suggestion box, which we have quickly acted upon. Please utilize this new opportunity for you to offer ways to improve the site, suggest content, or offer new discussions forums you think we should add. We can not continue to improve without hearing from you so keep the suggestions flying!

Stay tuned for our 1 year anniversary celebration! Happy reading!

Best Regards,

Adam R. Kahn