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Be an IT Star: Practice Business Analysis Skills

Kupe_April26I came across an article written in 2008 on and thought you would love to know the Four Secrets to Becoming an IT Star.  According to this article, being an excellent BA will help you on the path to stardom.  The author does not say that outright in the article, but it sure was my interpretation.  The fours secrets are:

Be good to your end user

The author of the article says if you want to get ahead don’t make people feel stupid.  You need to remember whether it is technical speak or discussing your business analysis process don’t try to sound smarter than your customers.  All that does it make them feel uncomfortable and not want to collaborate with you.  Don’t try to impress them with buzz words. Impress them with compassion and empathy.  It’s not about you; it’s about solving their problems. Always use language that is comfortable for your customer.

Go beyond the walls of IT and learn the business

This is so a business analysis activity.  The article talks about understanding business processes and observing the business community to know and see their pains.  As a business analyst, if you are not away from your desk talking with your business stakeholders and observing how they operate, you may want to consider another profession.   

Understand the organization’s structure and goals

As a BA you need to be focusing your efforts on the top priorities of the company.  When assigned to a project make sure you know where your project fits in with the overall goals of the organization.  During planning you should make sure you choose activities allowing you to spend the appropriate time based on the company’s priority of your project. In the article there was talk about creating value and knowing what the business views as high priority. As a business analyst this needs to be your primary mindset.  If an activity adds value to the goals of the company do it.  If it does not add value, don’t.

Build trust with your boss

In the article it is discussed that you have to be open and honest with your boss.  Share the good and bad news and don’t sugar coat issues.  The last thing a boss wants is to be blindsided with an issue which could he/she could have known about.  This is something I believe should go beyond just your boss.  In my last blog, It’s Time to Take the “Naked” Approach to Business Analysis, I touched on this concept.  You have to be open and tell the truth whether the news is good or bad.  This applies to your boss, your team, and definitely your business stakeholders. 

If you’ve read my earlier blogs you know I believe these are some of the qualities you need to separate yourself from the pack and be a desired business analyst.  I have also been saying for awhile now that the next generation of CIOs will be coming from the BA ranks. This article supports that conclusion especially since the article was written based on interviews with CIOs. So keep it up and be a star in your organization.

To soaring to the C-level,


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