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Business Analysis as A Service

One billion dollars wasted, 100 million over budget, a 40-million-dollar initiative costing $250 million dollars! Recent announcements in the press regarding significant initiatives, projects & product overspend and minimal value, are testament to this. Successful initiatives are key to organisational success, and an effective requirements process is the key to successful initiatives. This is costing organisations millions of dollars in wasted expenditure, and many more millions in lost opportunity. If your Customer Journeys, Epics & User Stories are not correct and aligned, then your initiative is certain to fail.

A service is a means of delivering value to customers, by facilitating the outcomes customers need. Effective services start with the understanding of that need, and work towards providing the best possible outcome(s) within the customer environment. Business Analysis is a service like all others and considering it as such is important for that services success.

However, business analysis is a broad service offering that can cover anything to do with innovation, people, process, and technology. In addition, the customers of Business Analysis also vary including Product Managers & Owners, Developers, Testers, Solution Architects, all the way through to CIOs, CEO, and Company Directors.


What is Business Analysis as a Service?

Why not have your business analysis serviced like you do your car?

When your car needs a service, you book it in, arrive, hand over the keys, return later that day, pay and drive home. You trusted the dealership to do what you paid them to do, service the car.

You never asked for a specific mechanic, you never asked for a subject matter expert, all you wanted was for the service to be completed, the logbook to be signed and to have a checklist of the agreed work that was performed. No hassle, all done.

The way you and your internal customers (Product Owners, Project Managers, Development Leads etc) receive business analysis should be no different. You should have the confidence and expectation that you will receive the right outcomes to drive the initiative in the right direction.

When your business needs analysis, you book it in with us, you return later, pay, and receive the agreed outcomes. You can trust BAPL to do what you paid us to do.

You never need to ask for a specific consultant, we engage with your SME’s, you never need to ask for special requests as we scope and identify the requirements to the appropriate levels, highlight any risks or assumptions and deliver the agreed outcomes, bringing value for money, in shorter timeframes resulting in improved initiatives. No hassle, all done. It’s called Business Analysis as a Service, and our service is second to none.

In a Business Analysis as a Service model, we work in collaboration with you and your internal customers to establish the required services needed to deliver the analysis for the organisation’s improvements to their products and services. We would understand the need, define an appropriate approach, set timelines etc.

This provides an opportunity to identify the competencies and capabilities required to fulfill this need. The assigned BAs would work develop an approach and delivery plan, provide consistent reporting to ensure the agreed upon outcomes are being delivered, and to manage any issues that may be putting these outcomes at risk.

This model puts the accountability of business analysis outcomes back to the BA Team and BA Manager, rather than on the shoulders of the individual or the team they are working in. In doing so, it provides the BA Team Manager the ability to forward plan resourcing, forward plan capability uplifts, and assign the right person to the deliver the right service.  This results in the right service, delivered in the right time, with the right analysis, resulting in better outcomes for your organisation.

This model works in both small and large team environments, agile and waterfall.

Business Analysis (BAPL)

BAPL is a consultancy practice that specialises in delivering exceptional business analysis outcomes. We save organisations money and improve the product/services they deliver to their customers, through exceptional business analysis. Everything we do and strive for is to challenge traditional ways of thinking. We think differently We challenge traditional thinking by offering exceptional business analysis through our Practice IP, leveraging our experience and collaborating to help our customers achieve their business outcomes. We just happen to deliver exceptional business analysis often using existing or new technology. Our consultants use proven methods to improve business performance. Clear, lean and correct analysis provides the foundation for business leaders to drive innovation, business agility, cost reduction, cyber security and risk control. Want to try some?