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Customer Service: The Only Thing that Matters

A couple of recent situations illustrated to me the importance of customer service:


  1. Online Purchase

    I made a purchase online, reconsidered the next day, and sent a request to cancel the order.  I didn’t think anything of it until the merchandise arrived a few days later.  I wrote the merchant again demanding a refund and received the following in return:

    “If you wish to dispute this with paypal we are happy to give them copies of the order, the postage date and tracking info and all correspondence with yourself.”

    Now that’s no way to speak to a customer!  Eventually we worked out an arrangement to return the merchandise for a partial refund.  Because of how this matter was handled, I will never order from this merchant again.

  2. Eyeglasses

    Soon after acquiring a new pair of glasses I noticed a mark on one of the lenses.  It appeared to come and go so I thought perhaps it was simply a smudge of dirt.  After a couple of weeks I finally saw the real flaw.  I returned to the store where they quickly identified the problem and ordered a replacement.  I expect to place any future orders for glasses with this store.

    In some cases our level of service makes the difference.  Keep these examples in mind when considering how to address issues raised by your customers.