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Free Use Case for Obama Care

Shortest blog ever – read it and weep, weep for the unpaid blogger. Free to the U.S. government, $1M one time fee to any commercial provider ($1M per “corporate entity”).

Assumption: Persons equate health care (which they want) with health insurance (which nobody likes, not even the folks who work at health insurance companies).

Precondition: Life

Actors: Persons and State Oligopolies (state authorized Insurance Company(ies))

Success Scenario:

  1. Person wants health insurance (clearly false, but see assumption above)
  2. Person accesses ObamaCare Website (OCW)
  3. OCW is available
  4. Person requests health care
  5. OCW checks with the Republicans
  6. Republicans respond with insurance instead of health care
  7. Person sighs and chooses insurance instead of health care
  8. OCW asks for Person to choose income and family circumstances (size, challenges)
  9. Person chooses an income and a set of family circumstances (size, challenges)
  10. OCW presents insurance coverage levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) with prices for family
  11. Person selects to commit / buy a specific coverage level, hoping for health care in spite of the “gambling paradigm” of the insurance model
  12. OCW accepts the commitment from the Person
  13. OCW lets the person know the informational requirements for their family circumstances
  14. OCW lets the person know where they can get help understanding the informational requirements
  15. OCW provides a “to do list/wizard” with on-line assistance in how to complete same
  16. Person completes the to do list over a period of time
  17. OCW approves application and the casinos (state oligopolies) offer deals
  18. Person accepts a specific deal
  19. Casino (oligopoly) starts the game
  20. Person discovers the difference between insurance and health care

Alternate / Exception Path:

3a. IF OCW is NOT available, OCW SAYS SO, saving Persons unnecessary frustration

THOUGHTS oh fearless readers?

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