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Harnessing the Immense Power of Your Thoughts

Welcome to the next post about the wonderful journey towards greatness with Coach Clinton 7-Steps to Accomplishment Methodology.

This series of 8 articles is all about developing and expanding your horizons and realizing all of your life’s dreams. We have discussed the first three steps in this seven-step journey and today I will reveal the fourth magical step for you. To keep the conversation flowing, here’s a quick recap of what we have already discussed:

Step 1 – Appraise: Analyzing your actions/habits, eliminating the unproductive ones and picking up the value-adding activities only.

Step 2 – Ascertain: Formulating, categorizing, and prioritizing your success goals.

Step 3 – Approach: Developing a comprehensive, actionable plan to cover all your goals.

Now that we are back in the flow let’s head towards the fourth step – Avert.

Step 4 – Avert

This step is called ‘avert’ because here we will make sure that you steer clear of all sorts of negativities and self-limiting behaviors. How will that be done? By focusing only on the positive aspects of your life and creating a strong will to achieve your goals. Any self-doubts, if present, will be wiped out and your internal space will be cleared up to make way for confidence and commitment.

Have you heard the story of the “Little Engine That Could?” How did the Little Engine manage to achieve a feat that was scaring away the stronger engines? The secret behind that Little Engine’s success was that it believed in its abilities. It pushed aside all doubts simply by chanting the mantra “I think I can, I think I can”! Similarly, this step involves finding the mantra that is made exclusively for you, in order to get the best results. It is also known as the Motivation Affirmation and saying it over and over again makes a huge difference in the achievement of desired results.

What is an Affirmation?

It is appropriate to take a closer look at what actually is an affirmation and how can it help you achieve your goals. An affirmation is a thoughtfully developed phrase or sentence that you repeat regularly. It is basically the act of making a declaration to yourself – repeatedly. The basic premise is that anything can be materialized into existence by repeating the same group of words repetitively. For example, if I’m not in my perfect health and shape, I might develop a positive affirmation like “My health is improving every day”. Simply put, Motivation Affirmation is using words of encouragement to help increase your positive energy and give you the “I think I can” will power to overcome difficulties and accomplish your goals like the Little Engine That Could.

Do you have a hard time digesting the fact that a few simple words can achieve such great feats and are you also struggling with how affirmations are capable of such results? Don’t worry. Because affirmations have been scientifically proven to have the power of rewiring our brain’s functioning to make us believe whatever we are affirming. When you repeat your affirmation, your brain gets a message that this is something important. In other words, this message becomes a part of your belief system, and your body acts accordingly until that goal is achieved. There are a number of scientific studies that verify the positive impact of affirmations on one’s mind and the way our brains function. So, it’s time to put aside your doubts. It’s time to make your dreams come true by drawing energy from the positivity of words!

Why do we need affirmations?

Because we all have developed some sort of apprehension about our capabilities and we have installed a mental ceiling limiting whatever we are capable of achieving in this life. These self-limiting attitudes are a result of a number of factors, which we might or might not have consciously noticed throughout all these years. Every failure – whether big or small – leaves a small amount, a residue if you will, of self-doubt in our minds. This is especially true when we do not consciously perceive this failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. These small deposits pile up to put us in a permanent state of self-doubt, and we start believing that we are not good enough.

This step, in your journey towards success, is very important because using the motivation affirmations, you can easily get rid of these negative thoughts and avert your negative behavior. Motivation affirmations help you in two ways:

  1. By using professionally developed affirmations, you can get the negative thoughts and attitudes out of your way. This cleansing is very important because nothing good can happen if you are holding on to negative attitudes and habits.
  2. These affirmations are called ‘motivation affirmations’ because once the roadblocks are clear, you can use them to motivate and pump up yourself to the point where there is no option other than taking action to materialize your success.

Anatole France, the great poet, and novelist, once said that “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.” These words go a long way to reinforce the primary point of this discussion. Dreaming and believing in the realization of those dreams is as important as planning and taking suitable action.

Motivation affirmation is the tool that will help you dream. It will bring out your true desires and by repeating those desires in a positive manner, you will start believing in achieving those desires. Once you start believing, you start achieving. It’s as simple as that!

Since these words are now paving the way for your success, you cannot leave them to chance or luck. It is very important to have your affirmations developed by a professional. With my decades of experience in helping people reach their best, I will work with you to formulate your motivation affirmations. I will do that by analyzing your unique personality, your ambitions and a host of other elements that will provide me with the feedback to come up with the words which will serve as magic for your success. The result will be a bespoke motivation affirmation for you which will catalyze this process of performance enhancement by clearing up your thinking process and making you more confident of your abilities and unique talents.

There is no rocket science in motivation affirmations. It’s just the art of using words to manifest your dreams and desires.

Once you have your motivation affirmation in your hand, you’ll be on your way to chant your way to success.

I will see you soon in the next step of our magical journey. (Hint: It’s packed with action!)