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IIBA Podcast Episode 1: Global BA Core Standard and Future of Business Analysis

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Episode 1: Global BA Core Standard and Future of Business Analysis with Kevin Brennan

Key learning points:
  • Learn all about IIBA’s Global Business Analysis core standard.
  • How to make the standard useful in your practice as a business analysis practitioner.
  • High-level walkthrough of the different sections of the standard
  • Discover the importance of using a common language for anyone working in business analysis regardless of their role or industry.
  • The future of business analysis

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Kevin Brennan has spent the last decade transforming the profession of business analysis, leading the development of multiple editions of the BABOK® Guide and driving the adoption of agile and architecture practices. As a senior executive in the social enterprise space, he has managed a product portfolio through rapid growth and built fully digital and virtual organizations. Kevin is known for his ability to deliver practical, effective and focused solutions to complex strategic problems and lead teams through periods of significant organizational and market changes. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world and frequent author on topics including digital transformation, strategy, and leadership.

Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo, is a passionate and practicing business analysis leader, author, keynote speaker and consultant from Toronto, Canada. He has worked in diverse domains such as: Government, Retail, Auto, Property, and Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Banking, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development and the Non-profit sector. Yamo believes in adding relentless value to the BA community and advancing the practice. He’s the founder of blog and hosts the #1 ranked BA podcast on iTunes to help business analysts throughout the world, do analysis better, by providing educational, relevant, and inspiring content.

Yaaqub (Yamo) Mohamed

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo), CBAP - is the founder and president of TheBACoach. He runs a popular business analysis podcast hosting expert BA professionals, Authors and Thought leaders from around the globe.

A passionate and practicing business analysis consultant from Toronto, Canada, Yamo has over a decade’s experience in many business and technical domains. He enjoys working on projects that involve strategy, process improvement, legacy migrations, and new app development. He enjoys mentoring BA professionals, teaching business analysis topics and prepping BAs for CBAP and CCBA exams. He is the creator of “The Ultimate BABOK Kit” and author of “The Five Pillars of a Great BA” – his free gift for every practicing BA.

He is also an executive board member of IIBA Toronto chapter. When not working or teaching he loves to read, play guitar, blog, podcast, and spend time with his family.

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