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In this Edition: Managing Requirements, Getting Motivated, IIBA News and New Blogs

sept15-time.pngOnce again we have a mix of the latest part of a continuing series requirements management plus plenty of other new and interesting contributions about the business analysis world – what’s going on now and what to look for in the future – that are sure to give you something to thinks about. Plus we have an update about what’s new at the IIBA. And, of course, our bloggers are back, including one new one.

  • I Don’t Have Time to Manage Requirements: My Project is Late Already! Part III. In this, the third in their series, Elizabeth and Richard Larson discuss the appropriate requirements management process for different projects; too much can be as bad as too little. 
  • Creating Motivation through Discovery. Richard Lannon talks about the importance of motivating people. He says it’s all about asking the right questions, listening and understanding – and then taking the appropriate steps. 
  • Will the First CBAPs Be a Credit to the Profession? Well Will You? Marcos Ferrer bills his blog as one of the world’s shortest blog. But he puts a very important question to all CBAPs. We hope you’ll answer him! 
  • The Cost of Validation. New blogger, Jonathan Malkin takes a look at how much is invested in developing systems but often nothing to ensure the system works, yet, as he points out, Solution Assessment and Validation is an important area in BABOK.
  • IIBA Launches Computer Based Testing of the CBAP Exam and a Letter from the President September 2008 are two important information pieces from The IIBA section of this site.
  • Defining Roles in the BA Life Cycle. Terry Longo asks if a single BA can be skilled in all aspects of the solution life cycle. He thinks single BA ownership makes sense but finding the right individual can be tricky – but not impossible.

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