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Letter from the Editor – Building Better Relationships & Teams

It is February, and I am online ordering flowers for Valentine’s day and making dinner reservations for my spouse of 26 years.

This year I am dedicated to staying out of the dog house and not to forget – again. However, other than being a month for spectacular greeting card sales, the editorial team and I thought we would look at helping you improve the relationships you have with your project team, colleagues, and co-workers.

This month we kick off a new webinar and whitepaper by Bob “the BA” Prentiss. Bob is presenting “Crucial Conversations: How to Effectively Discuss What Matters Most.” This webinar looks at when to have that all-important conversation, how to prepare for it, and how to deliver a not quite so easy crucial conversation. If you missed it at the BA World and Project Summit conference last year, now is your chance to view this webinar from one of the highest ranked speakers on the conference circuit.

Gregg Brown returns to write “How to Get to an Agreement When You Disagree” following up on his keynote presentations at the BA World and Project Summit conference last year. Gregg’s practical and thoughtful advice makes for a great article on why individuals and organizations disagree and how to gain agreement in a more positive way. Check out the video at the end of his article for more insight into gaining agreement.

Every week in February will be talking about handling competitive behaviors that lead to team disruption, the different types of conflict and how to manage them, and more articles on building better relationships within your organization and project teams.

As part of building better relationships, everyone here on the editorial staff would love to hear your feedback on how we are doing to deliver the great content you have come to expect.

Stay tuned – we have a few surprises along the way for you I hope you will enjoy with great articles, thought-provoking white papers and educational webinars. Let’s take a journey together on building better relationships and teams for greater success in 2017!

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