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Make Your Life (and Work) Easier

One way of improving your performance is to identify common tasks, processes, and data. 

Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again?  Compare yesterday to today.  Were any of the steps, even just a few, the same?

Here’s a simple process for standardizing some of your work products and automating their production.

  1. Identify
    What do you do over and over again? What tasks do you share with your co-workers? What processes are in common across your company or your industry?
  2. Document
    Write down the specific steps for executing this task or draw up a diagram of the process. This is the most important step as often simply putting the task or process in writing illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of a particular approach and puts you on the path to considering alternatives. 
  3. Re-use
    Can you create a template or sample document to re-use? Are you collecting the same types of data every time? Creating a set of standard documents for re-use can go a long way. 
  4. Automate
    Can a script or simple program execute some of the steps outlined? Can parts of the documented tasks be outsourced to a less expensive resource? 
  5. Train and Replicate
    Get in the habit of using the standard process and templates yourself. If the task is common to others then train your colleagues. Give them the standard templates. Multiply the return on investment by helping others follow the improved process.

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