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Online Business Analyst Assessment

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"The Industry Standard for Objective Business Analyst Skills Assessment™"

  • Are you looking for a way to prove your skills are excellent?
  • Are you an employer that wants to make sure candidates are qualified to play the pivotal role of Business Analyst in your company?

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This innovative offering is designed for individual and corporate clients that want a Business Analyst Professional Skills Assessment & Testing Certificate to help prove skills, measure the effectiveness of training initiatives, or to make the hiring process more objective. This is a certified testing process with years of development behind it, has not only been aligned to the international standards body and professional certification of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™), but taken beyond this to look at a dozen areas of personal effectiveness skills and critical techniques for Business Analysts.
The InQuestra Score given as part of the testing certificate is administered over the internet allowing participants to take the test whenever, and wherever required. InQuestra has implemented innovative technology to protect the integrity of the test, and ensure a valid audit of skills is produced.

Further, the InQuestra Score provides analysis of performance in 13 vital areas of Business Analysis Skill so that individuals or businesses have a more thorough understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses. This online assessment is intended for those:

1. Job Seekers – To attach a Skills Certificate to your resume

2. Professional Analysts – To help target career development needs.

3. Hiring Managers – To baseline skills.

4. Human Resource Managers – To assess training impact or improve the hiring process.

5. Recruitment Firms – To differentiate your candidate screening for clients.

From a pool of over 850 "cognitive domain" questions, InQuestra’s innovative testing software will randomly select 250 questions – weighting these to provide insightful feedback in 13 vital areas of Business Analyst Competency. "Cognitive domain" questions test skills that revolve around the six levels in Bloom's Taxonomy consisting of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Additionally, by constantly changing the question bank, and managing the time allocated to participants for each question and area, InQuestra assures a valid certification of personal skills is produced. The Personal Skills Certificate issued provides an InQuestra

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Score in each of the following areas:

Foundations in the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (Compliance of skills with IIBA™ Standards):
· Enterprise Analysis
· Requirements Planning & Management
· Requirements Elicitation
· Requirements Analysis & Documentation
· Requirements Communication
· Solution Assessment & Validation
Development of Personal Effectiveness Skills
· Leadership Skills
· Team Building/Relationship Building Skills
· Negotiation Skills
· Communications Skills
· Analytical & Systems Thinking
Understanding of Critical Techniques of Business Analysis
· Facilitation Skills
· Skill in Enterprise and Process Modeling Techniques

The Business Analyst Personal Skills Certificate and InQuestra Score is the most comprehensive testing available to Business Analysts today. A strong analyst will take about 1 hour to complete this test, while the software also strictly manages the total amount of time available to an individual. InQuestra’s focus with this test is to augment the development of professional standards such as the IIBA™ while improving the communication of specific skills for personal development, professional development, and organizational development initiatives. For more information about the technology behind the Business Analyst Personal Skills Certificate and Inquestra Score please see Skills Assessment Technology.


This product is intended as a tool to assist the registrant in determining their level of understanding of the concepts and practices that are key to achieving success in the business analysis field. While InQuestra, Inc. has taken every precaution and has used due diligence to ensure that the tool is valuable, no warranty is given to the registrant or to anyone else who may view the assessment that the assessment is indicative of prospective success or failure of the registrant to carry out the duties of a business analyst. InQuestra, Inc. specifically disclaims any liability, loss or otherwise, that is or may be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly of use of the assessment tool or any of the information provided on this web site..Exam length allocation = 45 Minutes to an Hour
2.Number of randomly selected questions = 120
3.Number of categories = 13

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