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Secret Public BA Shames. Part 3.

An executive at a county government agency once called me on the carpet during a short term consulting gig because of a relationship problem.

An employee with a BA title objected to my presence, and cursed at me repeatedly in meetings, questioning my qualifications (CBAP 007, at your service) and belligerently challenging my efforts to build consensus in meetings for BA standards at the agency.

This employee was the dominant personality disorder in a dysfunctional BA environment, and had been cited by numerous people as a point of confusion – there was no consensus around this person’s work, and yet there was no question of changing this person’s work.

I didn’t get called on the carpet until I had an interview with this person’s manager, and pointed out that the ability to lead a consensus for good requirements was essential for the BA position, and that this person did not seem able to do so.

WHAM! I’m called to the principal’s office (not an analogy – keep reading). The executive said to me (I paraphrase) – What do you think you are doing? You are trying to treat these people like adults, and this place is like a high school.

SO. What is the ethical response, when one is on a contract to improve BA process, but the problem with BA process is that everyone is acting like teenagers?

I can hardly wait to hear!

NEXT MONTH another situation. Send yours, if you know of one; all anonymity will be protected!

Have fun, and please send your questions or comments

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Marcos Ferrer, CBAP has over 20 years experience in the practice of business analysis and the application of Information Technology for process improvement. Following graduation in 1983 from the University of Chicago, Mr. Ferrer joined IBM in Chicago, where he worked on requirements and systems implementations in diverse industries. His recent projects include working requirements for the Veteran’s Administration, introducing BA practices at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, and creating bowling industry models for NRG Bowl LLC. In November 2006, Marcos Ferrer is one of the first CBAPs certified by the IIBA. He has served as an elected member of the DC-Metro chapter of the IIBA, most recently as President, and assisted in the writing of the BOK 2.0 test.

Copyright 2009 Marcos Ferrer