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Stories from the Front!

We have received REAL news from CBAPs at the front!  Check these samples out, and send me an email ([email protected]) letting me know which one(s) you relate to the most, and sharing YOUR story.

Story 1

I wrote and passed my CBAP in April of this year.  In February I was assigned to a new project and since I was deep into study mode, I was able to apply some new stuff I had learned to the project I was on.  I continue to refer to the BABOK regularly, refreshing my existing skills and utilizing new knowledge wherever I can.

In July, my manager interviewed a number of people for my mid-year performance review.  The Business Service Owner of my project told her that until now he had never really understood what it was that a BA did, and that I had raised the bar for the other BAs in the company.


Story 2

Up to the moment I was certified I was convinced that I was pursuing a worthy goal.

Most people in the profession have been quite supportive but . . . those outside it seem bored or threatened by it.

After receiving my certification, there has been some resentment felt by me from other analysts and from IT architects.

There has been a certain amount of derision and mockery – one fellow began teasing me about my use of the CBAP designation (in my e-mail signature for example) as if I was trying to assume airs.

I think we have a LONG WAY to go to achieve any appreciation for what the designation means.

Story 3

Here are a few observations and experiences since certifying:

A better perspective on the big picture, maybe this is just my “proudness” of being a CBAP!

I have a better approach to BA work; from the high-level business  requirements to functional.

I have read more articles about PM/BA and about BA with Agile (we currently use Scrum).

In my travels, I still see the need to educate people on what a BA can do for a project!

I have gained more appreciation to work towards Enterprise Analysis and how BA can really make an impact with this.


YOUR story here – or I will be forced to tell mine!

Thanks to my gentle readers for their frankness and willingness to share.  More shall be revealed.

Have fun!