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Test Plan

Last month I discussed the justification for testing.  Here are the minimum testing requirements of any organization.  If you are a client purchasing software or contracting for the development of software, then consider requesting proof that it actually works.

Acceptance Tests
Responsibility: Quality Control

  • QC develops acceptance tests for key system features
  • QC adds to the acceptance test suite as new features are implemented or customers contract for customizations

Unit Testing
Responsibility: Developers.

  • Developers write unit tests as an integrated part of the code base
  • In many cases the test code will be as large as the system of test


  • A developer does not release code until
    • The code is written
    • All unit and acceptance tests pass.
    • All requirement and test case documents match and accurately reflect the actual code delivered.
  • Three Components of any Release 
    • Code Base 
    • Testing Base 
    • Documentation

Defect Resolution

  • Unit and acceptance tests are written to replicate any reported bugs. 
  • The entire test suite, including the new tests, is executed to ensure the bug has been      resolved and no new bugs have been introduced.