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The BA Candy Bowl – “Mama Don’t Allow No BA Work in Here”

The “BA Candy Bowl™” is a collection of low cost (except one, at the bottom) treats that you can consume with your friends, without permission, probably without getting caught, by “Mama”, or any other foes of BA. L

Start with small bites from the candy at the top (save some for your friends).  Be sure to take iterative bites and to appreciate the flavor, THEN try another – whatever looks tasty and easy to reach.

If you start consuming the bottom treat, it requires some “cooking”.  You will want to practice getting the recipe right – don’t quit – this can be the most delicious of all, and feeds more people than any other.


If you get in trouble for eating too much candy, cheer yourself up with a round of singing (links for the tune, lyrics below):

Mama don’t allow no BA work round here,
Mama don’t allow no BA work round here”
Well we don’t care what Mama don’t allow
Gonna do BA work anyhow
Mama don’t allow no BA work round here J

Thanks for your “readership”.

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