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What is a BA?

Written by Adam Kahn
Welcome to the November issue of BA Times! It seems like yesterday when we launched BA Times. Wow, how time flies! We’re now seven months old and growing every day. I love the fact that BA Times supports the global community of Business Analysis professionals. Over the past few months I’ve been receiving subscriber emails from all over the world and absolutely love the feedback, insight and perspective I get from you. Thank you for your support! We created BA Times for YOU and are glad to see it being adopted and utilized the way we envisioned it.

I was running our BusinessAnalystWorld event last week in San Francisco. During the planning stages of the event, my BA Advisory Board came up with the idea to create a panel that focused solely on defining the various roles and responsibilities of the BA professional. We held that panel last week and I wanted to share the results.

During the course of the discussion, the audience and panel created a list of titles that were identified as being in current use for people performing business analysis tasks:

* Business Analyst
* Business Systems Analyst
* IT Business Analyst
* Business Analyst (spoken usage, not written)
* QA Analyst
* Developer Analyst
* Technical Analyst
* Systems Analyst
* Programmer Analyst (older title, not common, but still in use)
* Operations Analyst
* Requirements Analyst
* Web Analyst
* Data Analyst
* Process Analyst
* Enterprise Analyst (proposed by IIBA for most senior BA role)
* "Analyst"
* Business Advisor
* Knowledge Engineer (from the 1980s)
* Operations Engineer
* Information Architect
* Business Architect
* Applications Architect
* Solution Architect
* Process Manager
* Program Manager
* Product Manager
* Project Manager

In total, 27 different titles were written down! I think the above list speaks for itself. Special thanks to Lisa Radloff, Cecile Hoffman, Jerri Martinez, and Jenny Mumma for coordinating the panel! Not only did those in attendance benefit, but now our BA Times subscribers have as well.

If you have additional titles you’d like to add, I think it would be a great exercise.

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