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Will the First CBAPs Be a Credit to the Profession? Well Will You?

Behold the world’s newest shortest BA column (a new record after last month – next month will undoubtedly tend back towards the mean, as do all things).

Obviously, at this moment, this column cannot answer the question it poses – it can only pursue it (no, not because I ran out of time to write, but because there IS NO INFORMATION on how this is going.

I put the question to all 400+ CBAPs – you know who you are, and it is time to lead by sharing.

Be a credit to your profession! Send me your testimonials about observations and experiences since certifying (use [email protected]).

Tell your story in a paragraph or so – no names required – and next month I will “anonymize”, “abstract”, and “analyze” these stories for any patterns or hints at what the future holds.

That’s it for this month – THIS IS IMPORTANT – enquiring minds want to know!