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Author: Alsie Borromeo-Salvador

Effective Communication Versus Noise

alsi Apr1How would you respond to a stakeholder who avoids voicing out concerns plainly because he is afraid to create noise?

In an IT solutions organization stakeholders span a broad range: from business analysts, project managers, and customer service support personnel to quality assurance engineers. Depending on the organizational structure, one stakeholder may wear different hats. Reality bites – silos block communication channels between key players.

It is never wrong to share one’s ideas. Voicing out one’s stand does not mean that he tells everyone that what he thinks is the best way to go. In fact, the act of speaking up takes a lot of effort. It entails research, rational thinking, and courage! Therefore, it is not fair regard the act of collaborating as creating “noise”.

As a Business Analyst, it can be beyond our role to break walls. It is a leap of faith to share a piece of the stage for the sake of delivering a “quality” product. Over the years, it has been evident that sharing ideas, imparting the solutions from top of head and providing answers to questions sharpen the saw of an individual.

Healthy discussion(s) that facilitates team collaboration results to the following:

  1. Deeper understanding of functionality
  2. Beefing up of communication skills
  3. Increases confidence
  4. Establishment of good working relationship (infinite benefit which will definitely be a savior during crunch time)

Inspired by the following:

Foster a collaborating environment and smack down the thinking – “I’ll just create noise when I say this”.

This article communicates personal views of the author and has nothing to do with the organization to which she belongs.

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