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Author: Anthony Sherick

10 Tips for Business Analyst Job hunting and maximizing your salary!

There is always a strong demand for Business Analyst candidates. It is a competitive candidate market.

So how can you ensure that you get the job YOU want and your salary is optimized? Here are 10 useful tips to help your Business Analyst career:

1. Your Resume

Your resume is your most important career tool, and you should treat it as such. Many Resumes are either badly formatted, have key information hidden or are too lengthy. Highlight the key experience, achievements, and qualifications that are relevant to the role you want. No matter how much knowledge you think you have, you need to communicate this to the employer effectively. Get your resume reviewed by a professional if required. If an employer skims your resume would they be able to pick up key points and successes that will put you top of the pile?

2. Linkedin Profile & Social Media

Your profile on your social media accounts will create a positive or negative impression with an employer. Use your social media profiles as an opportunity to highlight your achievements. Put in the maximum effort here, as this is where employers may view your skills and experience and make a quick judgment.

3. Get Certified

Work towards achieving Business Analyst qualifications or certifications that are right for you. The client will expect you to hit the ground running, so you need to make sure your skills are up-to-date, and this may be a pre-requisite for many jobs. Research shows that certifications contribute to a higher average salary.

4. Search the Right Places

Job sites are still the number one source for job hunting. Utilize specialist niche job sites that have a wide choice of Business Analyst jobs. For example Business Analyst Jobs and Technojobs. Job sites are a good start in the job search, but did you know that approximately 30-40% of all jobs do not get advertised? In most cases, recruiters or employers will use their existing network to shortlist candidates. They will also access Resume Databases offered by job sites. Make sure your Resume is uploaded to a few job search sites. Your resume is the most effective and more easily found on job sites when you add all the right keywords to your resume.

5. Own the Niche

The role of a Business Analyst contains quite a broad range of opportunities, so the more specialist experience you have makes you more attractive for certain roles. More Specialist experience equals more money. Additionally experience in a specific sector such as Banking, knowledge of a domain, specific solutions such as SAP, or operational experience.

6. Become a Subject Matter Expert

Demonstrate your knowledge and passion for business analysis to potential employers. Visibility to potential employers can be achieved through blogging, conducting research, or publishing content on specialist Business Analyst websites like BA Times.

Editor’s Note: Writing articles for BA Times is an excellent way to stand out in your industry as a published author on a major business analysis site. Not only does it give you credibility in your field as a Business Analyst, but it is also a fantastic way to help other Business Analysts. Writers can proudly display a special badge graphic on your web page or social media profile. You will also garner much appreciation from the team here at BA Times! You can find out more by clicking contribute on the very top of our web page.

7. Networking

Make the most of the events, conferences or meetings you attend. Networking is a great way to meet new contacts that may be able to refer or recruit you. LinkedIn also provides the opportunity to connect and keep in touch with other professionals. Everyone you interact with at work, recruiters or at events has the potential to offer you a career opportunity so always demonstrate your knowledge, engagement, and passion.

8. Soft Skills – Personality

Much has been written about the analytical or data focused side of being a Business Analyst. However, as a Business Analyst, you will be working with people every single day. There is no point being the ultimate Business Analyst guru but not have the ability to interact and engage with teams. Lack of team engagement will hold you back. Learn how to interact with multiple audiences at all levels of the organization and utilize strong communication skills.

9. Explore Contracting

Only for the experienced, it may be worth considering contracting. There is a massive demand for Business Analyst contractors due to the project nature of this work. Contracting can provide you with a higher take home pay – but beware that the short-term nature means you may not always be working!

10. Be Proactive

It is a competitive market and opportunities will not always work out. Be confident in following up on job applications or contacting your network on employment opportunities. Don’t hold back so that you do not miss out. Gently chase recruiters, so they know you are serious.

Editor’s Note: Anthony Sherick wrote this article and set up to provide a job search and career information website dedicated to Business Analysts.