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Author: Bindu Metta

Business Analyst – Only a Liaison?

Often a Business Analyst is considered to be a liaison between IT and Business units to ensure that the “requirements” as set out are met. This might be a starting point for a novice Business Analyst; however the role becomes stagnant if the BA does not explore the Businesses, processes within the organization to understand the enterprise as a whole and help in making recommendations that helps the organization advance financially or have an edge over competitors.

Sometimes it is also a good idea to understand the business models of the competitors to have a fair view of what the customers are really looking for in the competitor’s products. I am not saying that a comparison must be drawn between the Business competitors as the strategies, goals and structures are entirely different. An overview of the market segment trying to understand customer inclinations (irrespective of the fact whether a customer uses your product or the competitor’s product) is necessary for a Business Analyst to get the “overall picture” before making recommendations at the Enterprise Level.

As you gain experience within the organization with regards to the processes, models, business units it is imperative that the Business Analyst works hand-in-hand with any of the business owners or a business unit to foresee the market trends, changes and understand the customer impulse.

Venturing into the market” by actually meeting the clients, having discussions, building rapport that allows the Business Analyst a view into their needs and “nice-to-haves” helps to forecast the trends. It also aids in getting a 360⁰ view of the current scenario that enables business units think well in advance to cater to customer needs. A living example of such innovations can be found with the whole range of apps (applications) that are being introduced to the customers at the rate of one app a minute.

Though technology is only a way to get closer and interact with the customer instantly, it is the idea that is the driving force behind these innovations. Ideas coupled with proper analysis (here comes our Business Analyst who has now gained insights into the real world keeping in mind the goals of the organization) will boost the growth in a dramatic fashion be it in increasing customer satisfaction levels or helping in increase the customer base that will in turn boost revenue growths.

The whole concept of venturing into the market or analyzing on the go should be an on-going process to keep up with the pace of the growth momentum and business analyst skills can be largely utilized into this area along with the skills of a product analyst.

Please don’t get me wrong as I am not suggesting that the business owner or the product analyst must be replaced by a Business Analyst- all that I am trying to suggest is to utilize the analysis skills of a Business Analyst to help the Business owners/product analysts come up with innovative ideas to MOVE FORWARD! After all “COLLABORATION” is the key to success in any organization- Agree?

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