Nick Stowers

Nick Stowers

As a Business Analyst for nearly 5 years now, I've come to realise the role of the BA is still misunderstood in business and I want to provide other Business Analysts with insights how the BA brings value to organisations that are using an Agile framework to deliver their products and services.

I want to inspire current and future Business Analysts that they are the cornerstone of project teams to deliver products and services that are focused on the user and bring creativity, innovation and value to people. 

I truly believe a good Business Analyst is the difference between a high-performing Agile team and one that isn't. I speak from experience with several Agile teams using different variations of project delivery (even hybrids of frameworks) and I will share the trials and tribulations as a BA working in these teams and also the joy experienced when you as the BA join all the dots together to deliver products that are creative, innovative and of value to the end user.

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