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prentiss Jan27
Have you noticed lately that there are a lot of industry “buzz words” and “phrases” that seem to be driving your corporation’s strategy and your every day approach to work? “Agile”, “agility-minded”, “progress over perfection”, “fail faster”, “do more with less”, and “get stuff done” are a few of the common ones these days. These are all challenges that are being issued on a daily basis. You know what? I don’t disagree with those challenges. I think it is a natural decision for leaders to make as they strive to make the bottom line or find creative ways to increase profits, but is it doable?

blais Jan27
Your goal is to get information. You want to get as much information as you can. You can always eliminate nonessential and irrelevant information when you analyze the information you have obtained after you have gotten it. Considering that the only way that we can be sure we will ask the Right Question is by getting the right answer, and the only way we know we got the Right Answer is by getting as many answers as we can. During the process of getting the information, we need to do everything we can to increase the flow of information and that includes preparation for asking as well as the actual act of asking the questions.

lannon Jan27
Recently I delivered a workshop on Risk Planning and Analysis for the Business Enterprise. I was asked about the various levels of risk within an organization. In response to that question, I explained that there are many levels of risk that could be organized along standard company structure. My preference is to use three structure approach - - strategic, tactical and operational.