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Over my career, I enjoyed full-time employment with eight different organizations, and with the exception of the last one, in each case I joined a good organization and then ultimately quit a poor manager. The last one is the notable exception because that’s when I quit to start my own organization and no manager, good, great or brilliant could have kept me on the payroll. 

In my view BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) v3.0, by introducing the BACCM framework, has provided the world of BAs the equivalent or extension of the famous triple constraints (scope, time and cost) that once revolutionized the project management world. BACCM, in fact, encapsulates the triple constraints and goes beyond by empowering the BA in their daily task to ask fundamental yet powerful questions at every stage of business analysis work. BABOK summarizes them as:

Thursday, 27 August 2015 14:20

5 key soft skills for IT business analysts

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Business analysts play a critical role in the project management life cycle. Especially when the projects being managed are technical in nature. Success or failure of the project manager and team sometimes relies on the skills this individual brings to the table and the way they can interact both with the technical project team and the project client.