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bondale July2

In our previous article, What do Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?, we outlined some high-level similarities between business analysis and entrepreneurship. Now let’s explore some detailed parallels between the two.

prentiss feb24

As a Badass Business Analyst, I am keenly aware that there are always going to be difficult conversations to be had, opportunities to be seized, monumental influencing efforts to undertake, and times where I simply need to go against the grain or broach a difficult topic. I might just have to disobey normal conventions. We are about to have one of those “moments”. Have you intelligently disobeyed your leader or your organization lately? One can argue that if you are not actively and intelligently disobeying on a regular basis you are not progressing, evolving, and helping out your organization.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 08:32

That’s Not Your Job

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davidson Feb24

Last month we talked about adding value. In truth, delivering value is everyone’s job. We are all here to add value. Some of us do that through thinking up new things, some through helping a customer over the phone. Some add value by selling things in a physical store and others by writing code. In the exchange between a company and an individual you deliver some value to the company and in exchange you receive value, such as vacation time, retirement savings, and maybe insurance.