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In this Edition: Implementing BA, Managing Requirements, Service Management

sept2_school_fall_150x100.pngSummer tends to become a bit of a habit, doesn’t it? And it’s a habit that’s often hard to kick. But no excuses! We have some articles that we feel sure will provide food for thought and help get you back into the business swing of things. I think you’ll find them a mix of pretty sophisticated business analysis ideas and techniques coupled with some getting the job done in general. Take a read and let us know what you think because that’s what helps us continue to run a website that is for and about you and your profession. And, talking of reading, don’t miss our new Bookstore that we set up just last month. It’s got a wealth of great BA books by leaders in the field.

  • Implementing Business Analysis; Three Distinct Phases. Victor Teplitzky believes that introducing business analysis to an organization is something that has to be carefully planned if it is to be effective. He write about the three phases involved.
  • I Don’t Have Time to Manage Requirements; My Project is Late Already! Part II. In the first article in this series, Elizabeth and Richard Larson looked at the framework for requirements management. Here, they discuss the relationship between the requirements management plan and the project management plan.
  • Random Thoughts on Service Management. Regular blogger Terry Longo gives us his take on service–oriented management and business analysis – and other random BA thoughts.
  • Labor Day is Here. Publisher, Adam Kahn, is sad that Labor Day 2008 has come and gone and the dying days of summer with it. But he’s also looking forward to winding up to take on everything that business can throw at him in the coming months.

And we hope you had a great summer and that you’re ready for and looking forward to new BA challenges and achievements in the busy days ahead.