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ITIL v3 and Service Management

Back in April I introduced the subject of ITIL and its contribution to an increasingly successful BA/IT relationship.  At that time, most ITIL-based IT organizations were using ITIL v2, with implementations focusing primarily on operational IT efficiency.  The necessity of strong IT/business alignment is emphasized in ITIL v2, but ITIL v2 lacks a compelling framework within which that alignment can be understood and materialized.  This can actually be deduced from the organization of the ITIL v2 books and chapters, with the ITIL processes themselves (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, etc.) as the main topics.



ITIL v3, introduced in May 2007 (you can find a good starting point for additional ITIL information here), not only subsumes the IITL v2 content but

  1. Reframes it entirely, presenting the material within the business life cycle phases of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement
  2. Introduces Service Management as a generalization of IT Service Management (with very interesting implications for BAs – to be covered in my next article)


Have you looked into ITIL v3?  Do you work with an IT organization that is adopting ITIL v3?  Do you have plans yourself to become ITIL Expert certified, to complement your CBAP certification plans?