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21st Century Article List

Article #1: It’s a New World for the BA: We need to Grow up Fast!

Article #2: The Adaptive Business Analyst: As Complexity Increases, the BA Adapts

Article #3: Creative Leadership: What’s All the Fuss About?

Article #4: How Capable Do Business Analysts Need to be to Ignite Creativity?

Article #5:  Building a Mature, Innovation-Driven Business Analysis Practice

Article #6: Fostering Team Creativity: The Business Analyst’s Sweet Spot

Article #7: Igniting Creativity in Complex Distributed Teams

Article #8: Creativity-Inducing Facilitation: the Same but Different

Article #9:  Creatively Eliciting and Evolving Breakthrough Requirements

Article #10: Developing Products for Competitive Advantage

Article #11 Strategies to Foster Innovation: not settling for Business as Usual

Article #12: Communication Strategies to Enable Innovation

Article #13: Innovation-Driven Portfolio Management

Article #14: The Business Analysis Center of Excellence: The Cornerstone of Business Transformation and Innovation

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