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Let the Celebration Begin!

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

We are officially one year old today! Without your involvement, it would have never happened. When we launched BA Times a year ago, we had two simple strategies to achieve our goal of serving the global Business Analysis community:

1. Provide current educational content and information
2. Create a forum for BAs to exchange ideas and information

Our internal goal was to have 2,000 subscribers by the end of the year! Well, I’m happy to say that we’ve successfully accomplished that goal and then some…

I’d like to recognize a few people who helped us along in our first year:

First 10 official BA Times Subscribers thanks for taking a chance on us:

  • Janette McGrath
  • Paul Thiara
  • Samuel McGrath
  • Paulina Corpuz
  • Kathy Vezina
  • Jenny Jones
  • Steve Willingham
  • Kate Edwards-Davis
  • Charmaine Jacskon
  • Sherri Marx
First Content Contributors thanks for trusting us:

  • Kathleen (Kitty) Hass
  • Glenn R. Brûlé
  • Janette McGrath
  • Marcos Ferrer – our first Blogger
Internal team – without their support and dedication, there would be no BA Times:

  • Mike Morton
  • Sean Butt
  • Ollan Delany
  • Jimmy Manuel

BA Times has emerged as the industry’s leading BA portal and eNewsletter. We’ve grown to 5,726 subscribers worldwide! Here is the breakdown:

Subscribers Come from 86 Different Countries – Highest Subscriber % from:

  • United States – 50%
  • Canada – 20%
  • India – 8%
  • Australia – 5%
  • South Africa – 4%
  • United Kingdom – 1.5%
  • New Zealand – 1%

We’ve continued to refine the site and offerings over the past year and will not stop improving. Thanks to all your feedback and suggestions, we’re building more features!

Changes You’ll See Starting Today:

  • New site template with a cleaner look and drop down menus from the main menu
  • New event calendar, including the ability of subscribers to post events
  • Custom images for each subscriber and contributor

Here’s what’s coming this year:

  • Content Categories – we’ll be placing all our content into categories to help you better navigate both new and archived content
  • BA Times Sub-Communities – you’ll have the ability to create virtual private sub-communities within BA Times. Great for IIBA Chapter communication, dedicated country communication and networking, or any other reason you can think of
  • Elibrary – where users can submit book titles and comments for reference
  • Online Stats – where you can see stats of subscribers online and connect directly to build your professional network and opportunities

It’s been quite a year! We truly appreciate your support of BA Times and would love to see it continue to grow to support the needs of the Global BA Community. Our initial objectives have not wavered:

  • Provide current educational content and information
  • Create a forum for BAs to exchange ideas and information

We will continue to ask for feedback and improve the site based on your needs! I ask only one thing of each of you: If you like our content and online experience, then tell a friend in the industry about BA Times. Either forward them a current eNewsletter or our URL. We’ve grown over the past year solely by word of mouth and intend to do the same this year. All our resources go back into improving the website, not marketing for new subscribers. We are constantly striving to improve what we offer our current subscriber needs, not hunting for new subscribers. So spread the word!!

Thanks again for a great first year! We appreciate all of you!

Best Regards,

Adam R. Kahn
Publisher, Business Analyst Times
[email protected]