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Letter from the Editor

Since April always reminds me of spring and moving, I thought I would start out this month’s Letter from the Editor with a wonderful new service from the Postal Service.

News Release –Postal Service Announces Portable Postal Code

April 1, 2004 – Washington DC

You have lived and worked hard for a long time in your city. You made a big difference but now it’s time to move on to the next great challenge in your life but that means you must leave your favorite postal code behind. It’s awful to say goodbye to such a good friend. Now you need to memorize a whole new postal code. We feel your pain.

The Postal Service proudly announces the portable postal code. Keep that postal code you have worked hard to keep for so many years. Take that postal code with you. Forget about having to memorize a new one. Let the postal service make it easier for you when you move.

Never worry about that lost mail any longer when you move. With a portable postal code, you will always have the same postal code where ever you move. Sign up today to get this great benefit only from your postal service.

Wait – What Was That?

I was really into getting this new product until a moment later I realized this was an awesome April fool’s joke from the United States Postal service. Well done my postal friends – well played. You can check out the full story by clicking here.

Business Intelligence Gathering

Sometimes things that seem really amazing just don’t quite pan out. As Project Managers and Business Analysts we use data daily to help us and the organization which we serve to make better decisions. Business Intelligence is a demanding field that can bring great value to an organization and requires the expert knowledge from a Business Analyst and Project Manager with Business Intelligence experience.

This month we are featuring the latest articles on the topic of Business Intelligence and how it relates to the Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Lesser Known Holidays in April

I can’t make this stuff up folks. They really are holidays in April.

  • Walk Around Things Day on April 4th – I celebrated by walking around the conference room table as colleagues become more concerned about my mental stability.
  • Deep Dish Pizza Day on April 5th – This is a holiday I can seriously get into. Love the Chicago deep dish pizza. Pepperoni and sausage piled high on thick pizza crust. What is there not to love?
  • National Safety Pin Day April 10th – Why does this have a holiday?
  • April 17th is National Bat Day. My assumption is Batman got his own holiday. In celebration, I will be wearing a batman cape running around solving crimes using grammar.

I’m sure there are even more strange holidays out there for April. Something about a rabbit stealing eggs from chickens, coloring them pastel colors, and leaving them in baskets for children. Let me know if there is one you particularly admire and celebrate.

What’s Next?

Next month we are starting our featured article series on all things Agile. Seems like everyone is heading towards Agile these days and we are excited to take a look at how Agile has impacted Business Analysis and Project Management.

We have some great webinars in the works coming shortly. A lunch time or break in your day to watch a webinar is a great way to earn a few CDUs and PDUs to maintain your certification. Look for the announcements coming soon!

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