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When Does The Business Analyst’s Involvement In A Project End?

july15_car_200x133.pngWe’ve got another line-up of timely articles examining the field of business analysis and surrounding areas. I feel certain that you’re going to find some interesting and provocative ideas and we look forward to your responses, both positive and negative.


  • When is the BA’s Work Finally Finished? Many people think (some BAs and PMs included) that the BA’s work is done when they’ve signed off on the requirements document. Jill Lilles points out that BA’s role in the project is far from over.
  • A Second Look under the Hood of the BA/PM Position Family. Bob Wysocki continues his series about the over-lapping roles of the BA and PM. In this article he takes a deeper look at the relative prominence of the two roles in different phases of their careers.
  • IIBA. Check the IIBA section for the 2008 Annual Report and some comments.
  • This issue’s blogs. Marcos Ferrer revisits the challenge he threw out last month and asks why BA s don’t have the same level of empowerment as many other professionals. Terry Longo talks about the side-by-side roles of the business analyst and the business manager. And I’m heading for a long weekend away from all forms of electronic communication ….I think. I promise not to….

All the best and I hope you’re managing to enjoy the summer without too many interruptions.

Adam R. Kahn
Publisher, Business Analyst Times
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