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Author: Amanda Dudley

Amanda Dudley is a professional writer who produces content for business and academic niches, providing a reliable essay writing service for college students and business professionals. Amanda is also a professor of History at the prestigious Stanford University. She loves kids and when free, educates children with disabilities.

Business Analysis Report: Writing Guide From Preparation to Submission

Did a major stakeholder in your company contact you to send an analytical report or are you a rookie trying to impress your boss with an excellent business analysis report? If so, you are in the right place. This article will teach you how to write a formal business report, including the preparation and proper structuring hacks. So, sit back and get your pen and notepad ready because you will be learning a lot.

How to Write a Business Analysis Report

1.    Preparation

If you want to have a good business report analysis, don’t just start with writing. It would be best to draw a plan of how to present the data from your analysis. So, here is what an ideal business report plan should look like:

  • From the beginning, have the end in mind

An excellent business analyst typically thinks about their recommendations from the initial stages of a project. For example, if you are writing a report on why the company should start using digital signage, you should already have the best solutions handy. This process may seem complex, especially if you don’t know how to make recommendations when you haven’t started the main report. But if you conduct adequate research, deducing to a coherent chain of events leading up to a specific conclusion won’t be difficult.

  • Who are you writing the business analysis report for?

First off, you need to know your stakeholders before you start writing business reports. A stakeholder analysis will help you get that knowledge. Namely, you’ll discover who are the influential people you need to convince. Secondly, you’ll find people who are project-oriented so that you can convince them of the value of your report.

  • How do you plan on presenting the business analysis report?

You should determine the method you want to utilize to deliver your analysis report before writing. Take Screenvision as a case study of using unique storytelling to win people over when analyzing a new product. Unfortunately, there have been other scenarios of people losing their audience because they didn’t present their analyses properly. For your business report, you can choose between print, PowerPoint presentation in front of an audience, or a combination of both methods to capture your audience’s attention.


2.    Structure

The structure of your report is vital because it may be the reason why your recommendations will convince the right people. A properly structured analysis will give your audience a desirable impression about you and your business. So, when writing your report structure, focus on:

  • The introduction

There are different types of business reports, but they all have an introduction which follows the same pattern. In the introduction, there should be a hook — something that will catch your audience’s interest. Then, explain the background of the project. However, contrary to popular expectations from business analyzes reports, keep your introduction short and understandable if you expect to carry your audience along.

  •  The process of investigation

Another important aspect of your business report is discussing how you came to your recommendations. Your audience needs to know that you put your due diligence to get the data you are presenting to them as facts. You don’t have to give all the in-depth details of your research because it can get boring quickly. All you need to do is provide a simple summary of how you arrived at the factors that influenced your decision.

  • The outcome of each investigation stage

Explaining the outcome of each technique you utilized will help your audience understand why you are advancing these recommendations. Don’t go through your process map in superficial details. Pick out the essential aspects and discuss them extensively. Also, don’t make the mistake of saying “who” told you to make your recommendations. Instead, talk about “why” your recommendations are the best fit.

  • Summary

The summary is the final aspect of your business analysis report template. This part of your report entails rounding up your findings and recommendations. All you have to do is discuss everything you told your audience in simple and short sentences, ensuring you are as precise and clear about your points as possible.


An analysis report is an essential aspect of any business. The most important things to remember when writing reports are the following:

  • Preparation is essential.
  • The introduction can make or mar the analysis and determine if stakeholders will go through the report.
  • Stakeholders want to know the context, not just the problem itself.

So, as a part of the business world, you should always be equipped with the proper knowledge of your field because you never know when you will need to prepare a business report.

But sometimes even with proper knowledge, you will need help from an essay writing service to help you to finish or edit a high-quality report. Nevertheless, this article should help you with writing. Good luck!