Author: Harry B. Mingail

Managing Your Boss

Most business analysts have one. Yet attending to their demands and idiosyncrasies can be nerve-wracking. Wise business analysts engage good boss management strategies. Boss support, guidance, mentoring and influence will be your reward.

After all, bosses are not exalted and invincible gods. They are human beings with special roles and authority as well as the requisite levels of human weaknesses, problems and pressures.

Under these demanding conditions, most boss relationships unfold in two possible directions: the 3Rs Resistance-Resentment-Revenge or the 3 Cs Clarity-Co-operation-Commitment.

The 3R cycle is characterized by ineffective communication. This causes levels of resentment. People expend valuable energies getting even. Such a work environment becomes destructive not only for individuals but for the entire organization.

On the other hand, the 3C cycle begins with people clarifying what is required. People cooperate and commit themselves to excellence. Personal self-esteem and group performance is enhanced.

Assess Leadership Style

Recognize leadership skills inherent in your own boss. This assists you to understand your boss better. You also benefit by becoming a better manager. The more effectively you manage subordinates, the more leverage you will command with your own boss. “To lead, one must follow” … Lau Tzu.

Leader #1: The Press Leader

These leaders pretend to be drill sergeants. Low self-esteem and a strong fear of failure drives them. They are impressed by outward displays of busyness rather than by results. The leader treats people as expeditors who obey orders. They tolerate no mistakes. Trivial details snare their energies and attention. They over-supervise and manage by punishment. Doing so squashes self-esteem amongst the ranks.

How to handle the press leader? Quickly discover on-the-job limits. Determine whether your boss is simply tough or ruthless. The tough leader precisely delegates authority balanced with appropriate responsibility. The ruthless one disregards human factors. If you choose to resist the press leader, do it privately, not within view of colleagues. This way your leader will not lose face.

Support your position with plenty of evidence.