Author: Patricia Hennigar

Patricia Hennigar is a Certified Business Analyst Professional with over twenty years of experience in IT. She loves all things Business Analysis. Her degree in Peace and Conflict studies is of limited utility in her IT role, but she likes that stuff too.

The “A” in BA Does Not Stand For “Anything”

Do you ever find yourself so busy on your projects that you can’t possibly keep up, yet you realize you’re not really doing any Business Analysis ? There could be legitimate reasons: A project is in crisis, and you’re just doing what’s needed to put out fires. Or you’re filling in for an unexpected vacancy on the team. But sometimes the BA role is just not well understood or is poorly defined. If you’re new to business analysis, it’s easy to fall into perpetual “side jobs” that hinder your BA career development.

Let me get one thing straight before expounding on this point. I do not suggest that a BA should never do anything that is not a “formal” BA accountability. In my decades as a BA, I have happily undertaken responsibilities outside of the conventional BA role on many projects. I have built timelines, managed schedules, led teams, coordinated testing, written lines of code, etc. while wearing the BA hat. When an emergency or critical deadline demands, everyone should contribute what they can. But going off script to meet an occasional challenge is very different from falling into a routine of activities that aren’t developing your