Author: Tejasvi Addagada

The Business Analyst Career Road

The BA career road-map shows a bird’s eye view of the roles that Business Analysts can navigate in their career.

This also states in which function, the skills of a BA are best required. But, there are other functional spaces that a Business Analyst can embrace apart from the Business Analysis, Decision Support Analysis and Enterprise Architecture. One such functional area is Data management and Governance.

Every organization today, is looking forward to transform their business models emphasizing direct and in-direct Monetization as one of the primary drivers. This calls for a change to the current Business, Information technology landscapes while there is also a need to govern data. This can be a regulatory requirement or an enabler.

Often, we keep referring to hundreds of processes in a firm that are supported by thousands of systems that create, store data in again thousands of data stores, in a fragmented way. Thus, complexity of landscape remains the largest challenge that most organizations are tackling to simplify.
The organizational priorities for the much-required landscape transformation is driving the definition of data strategy. Data is the plasma that reaches every corner of an organization and keeps its actively functioning. There are dimensions of data management including data quality, metadata, risk, security and architecture management that help in simplification and benefits enablement using data.